Jiahao company have strictly requesting on methodically design, manufacturing, testing on all the procedure of production products and put all the process under quality control system. Jiahao company is endeavoring to be the international enterprise in the extrusion industry.


  • PVC doors profile machine line
  • profile extrusion machine for window and door

    profile extrusion machine for window and door

     pvc profile laminating machine

    PVC profile extrusion machine can produce all kinds of profile, for example, window, door and door frame, pallet, cladding of outdoor wall, faciliry of ourside park, floor etc. Output profile is Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) or Plastic UPVC.


    · Extruder

    · Automatic feeder machine

    · Mould

    · Calibration table

    · Hauling-off machine

    · Cutting machine

    · Stacker


      1. Conical twin-screw extruder, suitable for processing PVC powder raw materials.
    2. Changing the moulds to produce many kinds of different PVC profiles.
    3.  Auxiliary machine: Mixing unit, Mould, Vacuum calibration table, Haul-off machine,  Cutter and Stacker.

    Properties and Advantages:

    This line features stable plastIcization, high output,low sheering force,long life service and other advantages. The calibration unit’s pump and haul off unit’s reducer are famous brand products. After simple changing of the die and screw, it also can produce the foam profiles.


    PVC Door,  PVC Windowes,  PVC Fencing

    PVC Ceiling,  PVC Rolling Shutters