Jiahao company have strictly requesting on methodically design, manufacturing, testing on all the procedure of production products and put all the process under quality control system. Jiahao company is endeavoring to be the international enterprise in the extrusion industry.


  • Modern pvc foam board production line
  • PVC Avertising Display Foam Core Free Foam Board Line

    PVC Avertising Display Foam Core Free Foam Board Line

    PVC display sheet got  characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-absorbent, drillable, sawable, planable, easy to thermoform, hot bending processing, etc., so it is widely used in furniture, cabinets, bath cabinets, exhibition shelf boards, box core layers , Indoor and outdoor decoration, building materials, chemical industry and other fields, advertising signs, printing, silk screen, inkjet, computer lettering, electronic instrument product packaging and other industries.

    Product specification 1220*2440mm, 1560*3050mm, 2050*3050mm

    Product thickness 1-33mm

    Product density 0.35-0.8g/cm3

    Production line speed : 2-4m/min.

    Motor power 75kw -90kw

    Color : various